Law of Attraction

Sunshine on a Rainy Day: A channeled message for people with low self-esteem

Hey, what’s up?

Friends. It is currently 11:20 AM. It is rainy and I have been having a spout of negative thoughts come my way. I have no idea why. Lately, these thoughts have been You are not good enough. You are not smart enough. You are not working hard enough. Are you even trying? Are you even working hard enough? Why is that not being reflected? So, I sat down and I was like, “Where the hell is this coming from?” Programming. Simple and easy as that. Programming.

The Self-Esteem, Self-Worth and Self-Love Equation | Saint Belford

Programming from our family, our friends, our academics, our teachers, our society. That’s where it comes from. In my mind, in my little world, I’ve associated GPA, Honors achievements, etc with success. Is that true? Fuck, no. Success is not defined by a GPA, achievements, a residency, or something numerical. Success is how we compare ourselves to our values and our goals. Do they align with our actions, with our life, with our work? Yes, or no. That’s what success means to me.

My values as they stand of right now include: service. Service is a huge thing to me. It means did I ask someone how they are doing? Did I bring a positive attitude to someone who was struggling? Did I help someone out today with advice or with my time? Did I thank someone today? Was I of service to myself? Did I push myself today? Did I work on my goals? Did I get my life together? Did I study? Did I work out? Did I allow myself to rest? Service to me is helping myself and others through kindness, compassion, and care. Did I do that? I did? Cool.

I don’t know where this whole idea of programming came around, but I know it’s from people in society who benefit from us giving away our inner strength and power. Where I am and what I have gone through is exactly what made me successful today. I am successful not because of a number on a scale or a number at all, but because of the lessons I have learned–the person that I have blossomed into.

Why You Should Be Practicing Self-Love - Goodness

Do not believe society. It is a lie. Listen to your soul. In moments like these, I always ask God and my guardian angels to help me raise my vibration. I beg and ask them to enlighten me. I really needed it today. I was seeking so much validation from others and blaming my parents even for them comparing me to others. What am I? A victim? Here, on this page, none of us buy into that victim mentality. We are empowered individuals. I wrote it off. I am not going to blame them anymore. I blame the society they grew up in. In that moment of vulnerability, my soul spoke to me. It said Stop. You are worthy. You are so hard working. You are the light of this world. You are so unique. You are loved. You are worthy and you are going to achieve all the success your heart desires and aligns with your soul. That is what success is to you. I had an epiphany. I realized the moments I never compared myself to others or the moments I celebrated myself are the moments I truly did something that lit my soul on fire. Like writing this blog makes me feel successful because if I reach at least 1 person, it makes me feel like I’ve won. Whenever my words or actions change someone else, I call that a success. Why am I—someone who has so many resources at her disposal–so upset about numbers?

What’s better? Someone who has all the success in the world and absolutely no sense of self or service vs. someone who has “no success” and a sense of self and selflessness? The second one is the person who is rich–in a content heart. Friends, this is the channeled message for today.

My success may be the success someone else wishes they had in their life. Likewise, my success, if I compare it to someone else, may seem like a trivial achievement. No matter what, I am successful. You are successful, too.

We are all different. Our strengths and weaknesses are not the same. Imagine if they were, we would live in such a boring world. I encourage you to write down your achievements–including the battles you have fought and give yourself a pat on the back.

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